Our firm is related to the maritime environment, operations, claims, rights and obligations of the actors of this economic line. Carrying out legal litigation and administrative processes, knowing the due diligence in processes of arrest of ships, together with more than 25 years of experience related to international trade and maritime activities.


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    At the Maritime Court

    • Claim processes for breach of Maritime Chartering Contracts.

    • Claim processes for Non-compliance of Maritime Labor Contracts.

    • Claim processes for damage to the ships.

    • Claim processes for damages to the structures of ports, marinas, and buoys among others.

    • Claim processes for damage, loss and / or less of charge.

    • Claims for indemnity to third parties.

    • Maritime processes to arrest ships.

    • Privileged maritime credit processes.

    • Maritime ordinary processes. 




    • Panama Ship Registry. 
    • Panama navigation patent. 
    • Panama Radio station license. 
    • Exemption of certificates. 
    • Certificates and certifications. 
    • Licenses for marine operations.  
    • Records and definitive permits.

    • Provisional permits. 
    • Maritime concession contract for marine bottom use.
    • Maritime and Port Constructions.
    • Assistance in the procedure for marine and port authority tenders. 

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